Thursday, 29 December 2011

I'm sorry.

One of my actual friends in real life had asked me about this project, and I just remembered that I'd left Stardoll without giving everyone here an actual apology or explanation, so whilst I've got a spare five minutes I figured I'd really quickly post--off of my cousin's iPhone, too.

I bid farewell to Stardoll a few months back, and with it, this project. I'd always dreamed of this project becoming successful--and in a way, it was, as many entered the competition and followed the blog.

I want to apologise for leaving this project abruptly; one of my family members is seriously ll, and my life has been hectic ever since I found out. On top of that, I have exams and I'm having to put my personal life and everybody else in front of my virtual life.

I would like to say thank you. To a lot of people. To Minnie and Nahida for being some of the most amazing and reliable judges ever. And for being there when I just needed someone to complain to. To all the followers for actually following the blog. To all the entrants and people who applied--your efforts were superb. To our media partners for sharing the blog. To everyone who advertised the blog. And most importantly, to Yaya for being the inspiration for this competition.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011



Sorry, just been mega busy with real life. Will start this week(:


I will try and find a £12 card in the meantime, but if not, I will give the equivalent prize instead (:

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I can't find any £12 prepaid cards ($10) in Britain!! And that was meant to be the prize..what do I do??

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Small Hiatus

I'm going to be off Stardoll for a while because of exams and real life. I will be logging in to check messages, so if you have anything at all to ask, just guestbook or dollmail me. I will reply to all :) I'll be posting the task two entries in a few days after I'm less busy--I promise.

I probably will be continuing with the project when I come back. It just depends on the circumstances. There were 30 entrants of which 18 replied, and then in task two, 3 quit with the other three of the 16 just not completing the task. Odds are, I'll continue as I owe it to everyone who's put the time and effort in to their entries, but the prize may end up being reduced. Sorry.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Task TWO.

Recreate your given element in a scenery.

The four elements consist of Fire, Air, Water and Earth,
The MeDoll doesn't have to be included in the scenery.
Here's your groups. Best of Luck!




Deadline:  Sunday 5th June.


Forgot to say who won task one!

Haha. It was a tie with

.emma.x & Evermore1Girl.

Well Done!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

We bid farewell...

To JennyArther and Hotgirl1501.

This is what YOU voted for btw ;)

Thank you for applying and participating--your entries were both amazing, and you were amazing entrants as well. I'll see if I can find you a modeling spot somewhere as a small consolation (:

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Who should go?

Who should go? The judges couldn't decide so again, it's up to you! (:

Any contestant found to be cheating faces immediate disqualification.

Pick 2 answers (The ones you liked least).

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Poll Posted

Poll has been posted on the Contestants Blog sidebar.

Please vote--and click on each contestants name at the top of the blog to see their entries :)

Best of Luck!


Monday, 25 April 2011


Entries of most contestants have been posted--with a few exceptions.

Other entrants have until MIDNIGHT OF THE 25TH to get me your entries. Otherwise, places are terminated.

Any submissions later than that [with exception of xxMeabhxx] will result in 10% of overall marks and votes knocked off.

Use links on sidebar to of Contestants Blog to view entries.


Poll posted tomorrow (on Contestants Blog) :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Task ONE!

Model: Avril14140
DEADLINE: 25th April 5PM GMT
Entrants, here's your choices of submitting the entry:

Dollmail me the text/image
Email me the text. I WILL NOT OPEN EMAIL IMAGES DUE TO RISK OF VIRUSES. I'm not risking my laptop and school work for SD ;)
Email me your email address & I'll send you an invite for the Contestant Entries blog.


Good Luck!

Remember: A third of entrants are reduced [if all accept their place].

If you don't know who the entrants are, see the post from Sunday 10th April 2011, and then if you are an entrant, confirm your place please!

Quick Updates!

Just logged on, and realised I'd made an error. I published the first draft instead of the second. Please recheck the contestants list on the post below to see if you made it :] This means there are 30 entrants and it gets cut down to 20. Seems a lot, but a third are eliminated in the first round, and I know what I'm doing for the second round-it's going to be a lot easier to judge, dw :3

Also, judges are now PwincessSara, ILoveAnimals28 and Nordwalde. Other judges have left. The guest judges were originally going to be Pink-Miley96 and Miss_LolitaF. Lolita and Maggie don't have time, and Aisha's leaving SD, as is Mihaela. Avril14140 still remains series icon.

Can entrants please follow 

First task being wrote now, and is scheduled to automatically post at 8pm BST/7pm GMT!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


OK, OK, it's time.
Now, before I start, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to apply. I know I had a lot of fun looking through your entries, and I was glad that I had the chance to see some fresh faces on the Stardoll scene. I've had a hard time just choosing ten, so here's the entrants that have got through. I've given everyone a fair chance, so please do NOT throw false accusations at me!

  1. Sparklewand12
  2. Lovegossip4life
  3. Evermore1girl
  4. JennyArther
  5. AbiiBabeh..x
  6. CChanelCrystale
  7. Rafi101
  8. Sd_is_da_best
  9. Xxmeabhxx
  10. Lindamissanto
  11. Misslotsasmiles
  12. Rosiebear1999
  13. RhonaCrowley
  14. The2glams
  15. .emma.x
  16. Punky_Lissy
  17. --rihanna----
  18. Mini_12_5
  19. Sugar103
  20. FashionistaT
  21. Winniegirl123
  22. Qeeny4
  23. Divamiley1992
  24. xxEvie23xx
  25. Kezzi-Rose
  26. AnneHattaway
  27. Princessvx
  28. VampireLady33
  29. Hotgirl1501
Task one will be posted tomorrow.
The contestants will be cut down to 20 in the first task, so make your entry extra special!
Entrants MUST confirm their spot via comments!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bye Bye.

I'm really sorry to have to do this to all of you that have eagerly awaited the outcome of the contestant entries in this competition, but I have to bid farewell.

Well, to Maggie that is.

Haha, how many of you thought I meant the competition in itself? Gotcha!

So, yes, Maggie (Findurlove) is no longer a judge for the competition. She contacted me a while back, and I figued I'd let you all know [especially the more observant of you!] why she has disappeared from the Judging panel on the sidebar.

With the judges, I'm sort of at a point where I'm not sure what to do. Two out of the five have gotten me their results, and only one of them has contacted me asking for a postponement due to real life issues. So...judges, expect to receive a dollmail off me sometime soon, and then, if I still get no response, I'm going to stick with the judges that actually replied. I promise the results will be announced in April. I'm just not sure when.

Oh, and guest judges should be announced soon, too, providing that they are still judges.
There's no guest judges.

Love ya!


PS: I apologise if I sounded a bit bitchy with them last 2 paragraphs. It's what sleep loss and the piling up of school work does to you :-)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Official Spoiler...

Model: Series Icon Avril14140/Mihaela
Designed by: Toxxic.Angel
Edited by: (Text etc) Me/PwincessSara

Oh, and please vote in the sidebar poll ;)