Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Poll Posted

Poll has been posted on the Contestants Blog sidebar.

Please vote--and click on each contestants name at the top of the blog to see their entries :)

Best of Luck!



jennyarther said...

i felt a bit bad coz many times i asked sara to clear my doubt regardinng attachment of images in my written work in chat but you never responded. you wud have cleared my doubt since that tym but u dint do it anyways guys all the best :) be the winners ::)) goodluck coz now i'm leaving the blog as i jomed to be there in the comps and after acheiving 4 place in entrants i wanted to do nice things but better luck next guys go ahead to be the winner :)

jennyarther said...
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PwincessSara/Sara said...

Sorry about that, but my internet connections messed so chat on Stardoll isn't the best. I can still add you to the poll--but you get some of your overall marks deducted. The best option, after I didn't respond, would have been to GB me/Dollmail me/Email me, so actually, it's not my fault. It's your responsibility as an entrant to do all you can to meet the deadline.

jennyarther said...

i did email u but now ill tell u my id so that i can take part i hope u'v not been hurt my comment wasnt to hurt u but to make u knw wat the problem was sry from my side if u'v been hurt at all

Rhona / rhonacrowley said...

can't wait for next round ;)