Thursday, 29 December 2011

I'm sorry.

One of my actual friends in real life had asked me about this project, and I just remembered that I'd left Stardoll without giving everyone here an actual apology or explanation, so whilst I've got a spare five minutes I figured I'd really quickly post--off of my cousin's iPhone, too.

I bid farewell to Stardoll a few months back, and with it, this project. I'd always dreamed of this project becoming successful--and in a way, it was, as many entered the competition and followed the blog.

I want to apologise for leaving this project abruptly; one of my family members is seriously ll, and my life has been hectic ever since I found out. On top of that, I have exams and I'm having to put my personal life and everybody else in front of my virtual life.

I would like to say thank you. To a lot of people. To Minnie and Nahida for being some of the most amazing and reliable judges ever. And for being there when I just needed someone to complain to. To all the followers for actually following the blog. To all the entrants and people who applied--your efforts were superb. To our media partners for sharing the blog. To everyone who advertised the blog. And most importantly, to Yaya for being the inspiration for this competition.